S-Style Summer Imaginarium 3

VIDEO: S/Style & Fashion presents: Summer Imaginarium

S/ celebrates summer, style and luxury

Last month we celebrated the launch of our Summer 2014 issue of S/Style & Fashion with an evening of luxury and indulgence. The Summer Imaginarium soiree was wondrous and whimsical, and Toronto’s party-planning darlings, Candice & Alison, absolutely outdid themselves. WATCH: The eve...

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Tilda Swinton Talks Performance Art

The unconventional muse opens up

Tilda Swinton didn’t need to become an actor for the status, the perks or the fame. Given her pedigree, the statuesque Scot could have opted for a quiet, comfortable life, miles away from the chaotic madness of Hollywood. Swinton, 53, was born to a prosperous Scottish bloodline–one of the oldest...

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S Style Summer Party: Model Q&A

A Q&A with our S Party Models

This past June we held our Summer Imaginarium launch party at the Ritz Carleton Hotel in Toronto. The nights main event included a fashion show curated by the stunning Suzanne Rogers which featured Salvatore Ferragamo’s Fall 2014 Collection. After the show we caught up with our gorgeous models...

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Photos courtesy of hk+np

Two architects, Two passions, One Fabulous Jewellery Line

Merging Architecture and Jewellery Design

Architectural and jewellery design may seem different at first glance, due to the vast size difference between a delicate pendent necklace and a looming condo building, but they are more similar than we think. They are both a study of form, line, angle and space, and simply put, they are both three-...

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Fall 2014 Couture Street Style

Street Style at Fall 2014 Paris Couture Week

It’s July, the time when we are all feeling a little blah as the summer sales drag out. If you’re like us, you’re longing for a little sartorial excitement and waiting for the big September Issue to come out is just not going to cut it. Thankfully, the style both on and off the run...

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