Jaclyn Locke

Paint by Numbers: Kris Knight Collaborates With Gucci

Floral Designs for Gucci Resort 2015

With a solo exhibition for Art Basel in Miami opening on December 1, Kris Knight’s provocative paintings have yielded incredible success this year. The Canadian artist talks to us about his alliance with Gucci and creating his version of the “Flora” design that appears throughout t...

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Hulton Archive / Getty Images

The New York Botanical Garden welcomes Frida Kahlo

Experience Kahlo’s personal studio

The New York Botanical Garden is bringing Frida Kahlo’s original paintings and drawings back to the city for the first time in 25 years. The exhibition pays homage to her masterpieces while focusing on the consistent use of nature imagery as the central theme. Guests to this exhibit will be a...

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Arctic Images/Getty Images

The Latest Vintage Dom Pérignon

A journey to Iceland and back

The Norse gods must have been experimenting when they created Iceland’s terrain. It’s rugged, it’s perilous and it’s incredibly dramatic. Active volcanoes linger within black, jagged mountains while snow-capped glaciers appear to touch the clouds. In Krýsuvík, a geothermal ...

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Photos courtesy of Hermés

Petit h: Hermès’ Charming Recycling Project

An artful way of repurposing

Hermès is leading by example when it comes to lessening the negative effects of the consumption and disposal of natural resources. Their latest project, Petit h, focuses on recycling and reusing defective products and unused materials. Artisans utilize discarded swatches of fabric and imperfect har...

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Photo by Colin Medley

Meet Songstress Basia Bulat

A Q&A with the folk artist

This past summer, singer-songwriter Basia Bulat captured the hearts of her audience during a powerful performance at Toronto’s iconic Massey Hall. With the release of her third album, the folk artist is nominated for this year’s Polaris Music Prize alongside fellow Canadian artist Drake and the ...

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