Tiberio Palace Hotel and Spa, Capri, Italy.

What to Pack When Traveling to Sun-Kissed Capri, Italy

Stay stylish in the sun this summer

With June being my birth month, an affinity for the summer is ingrained in me. Each year during the season I become a magpie collector of beautiful sorbetcoloured garments, and, lucky for me, hues of pink are on every designer’s palette this time around. Sarah Burton used shades of pink throughout...

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Audi and Anouk Wipprecht Design Futuristic Dresses

Dresses that truly nod to the future

Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch-based designer, is a pioneer in the world of fashion-tech. She is credited with an impressive portfolio of projects that marry technological innovation with high fashion, each one resembling a unique work of art. Her designs have been exhibited at various showcases and ev...

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Photo by David Clapp / Getty Images.

Charcoal is Heating up the Beauty World

Discover the benefits of this ingredient

It’s hard to believe that the sooty mess of charcoal left behind in the wake of a roaring bonfire or afternoon barbecue could end up in a facial cleanser, but it’s there for the same reason that it’s in most water filters: charcoal aids in purification. In its activated form, which is achieved...

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Photo by Brett Stevens / Getty Images.

The Secret to a Successful Charcuterie Spread

An expert’s take on the evolving trend

The word charcuterie likely evokes images of pork, cured and cut in various ways, laid out on a platter, and adorned with pickles. But that’s like thinking of breakfast and picturing only a bowl of Cheerios with some blueberries floating among the Os. Charcuterie can be sausage, but it can also be...

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Photo courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects.

Zaha Hadid Architects to Design the New Danjiang Bridge

Taipei’s skyline is about to get prettier

Soon, stretching across Taipei’s Tamsui River will be Danjiang Bridge, a structure that will link two vibrant, urban hubs—Tamsui on the east and Bali on the west. The bridge is one step in an infrastructure upgrade program in northern Taiwan, and will play a key role in enhancing accessibi...

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